Square edged
and unedged

This wood is widely used because it is robust at the same as being light and flexible.

Ash is available in square edged white with prime quality or unselect olive, whereas white and olive boards are sold as green, dried or seasoned wood with quality I/II commercial.

Wood species
Fraxinus Excelsior


Condition for sale
Fresh, seasoned, dried

Square edged White and Olive ash

Prime White and Unselect Olive Quality

Thickness: 27-32-40-50-60 mm
Lengths of more than: 2m
Width of more than of 120 mm

Prime tolerance
Small defects possible in around 15% of cases

Unselect tolerance
Knots of various sizes are possible and the edging may not be perfect

Unedged White and Olive ash

Quality I/II commercial

Thickness: 27-80 mm
Lengths of more than: 2m

Defects are possible in around 20% of cases