Locally sourced wood

In Kutina, just outside Slavonia, our sawmill boasts a ‘timber yard’ covering 30,000 m2 and manages to saw 5,000 m3 of wood each year and dries approximately 2,500 m3.This enables us to directly supply oak, beech, chestnut, ash, lime wood, cherry wood, maple, hornbeam and other species of wood.

Boards: once dried or having completed the seasoning process, all boards are grouped together in standard bundles and catalogued using Garbellotto’s own classification, designed to provide end users with a wide selection.

Square edged timber: once the wood has dried, it is square edged using our laser-guided machinery. The square edged timber is then grouped together according to Garbellotto’s classification, designed specifically to meet market needs.

All of our wood is constantly “checked and looked after” by our technicians who oversee the entire production cycle.